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How To Remove Monkey Test And Time Service Malware From Andriod

All device have a specified virus but have not been seen android virus over the years. lately people starts complaining about monkey test and time service malware. Which i know it came from app developer that embedded it to their applications which cause great harm to android devices.

What you dont know about this malware is that it renders your phone useless it gain administration automatically and starts controlling your phone. I don't know of you are experiencing this " has stopped working " if your phone does the same, then you are on the right track relax and read along on how to remove the malware.
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Tools needed(Method 1)
1. A rooted Android device
2. Titanium android backup and restore (cracked version)
3. Es file explorer(play store)
4. Your brain
  • Make sure your WiFi is off if the malware does not allow you to perform anything on your phone, kindly force stop the app under app settings
  • Make sure your phone is rooted then launch titanium backup. Grant it super su permission.
  • Uninstall all the applications (malware) but do not delete android system.
  • But if you eventually delete it, no worries kindly restore it back.
  • You might still want to kill them permanently open Es explorer go to system apps then delete all the malware.
  • Reboot your phone and enjoy.

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