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Nigerians May Soon Start Paying To Use Social Media

This was same thing Uganda government did and thet citizens now pay to use the social media. It is actaully an indirect tax imposed by Uganda government to regulate the misuse of social media.
Abdulfatai Buhari the chairman Senate Committee on ICT and Cybercrime has said that the National Assembly will make laws to regulate what Nigerians do on social media.

According to him, he said social media should be regulated as nigerians are misuing it. He emphasized that social media should be used by Nigerian youths to develop talents that will increase the economy not using it to fight each other.
“We have got experts to advise us and we have presented a bill to the senate. The bill has passed the first reading and it has been listed for the second reading.’’

So the bill is still in progress if it got accepted then we all have to pay for using the social media.

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