Whatsapp New Update Now Label Forwarded Messages

Yesterday we posted Whatsapp to release a new update that will feature malicious inks. And the whole news was not centred only on WhatsApp update. As government has criticized Facebook for mobs killing in India through forwarded Dodgy  links and websites using whatsapp and equally in Brazil, reporters have recorded misconceptions of yellow fever vaccines passed through Whatsapp thereby making the disease to resurge in numerous number. Facebook has decided to launch a new feature to show if a message was forwarded or sent by the sender.

Whatsapp Label Forwarded Messages

This morning, the same feature has taken effect on a new update Whatsapp just released as messages are labelled if it is forwarded. So with  this, the consciousness of the receiver is brought to the action he/she receives whether the message is composed or forwarded. Whatsapp is making every best to protect its users. While we wait for the spam link detecter, kindly let's know your view on this latest development through the comment box.

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