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Techfashy Premium SSH Cloud Server With MTN 0.0kb And Mpulse

It is no longer new that MTN has capped their unlimited to 50mb daily but if yours still works unlimitedly, you can still flex it while it last. I noticed the difficulties people encounter while trying to connect to http injector such as slow browsing, invalid username/password, connection timed out e.t.c. That's why i have decided to run a Premium ssh server for everyone to enjoy. This premium server is extremely very fast. I promise you won't wait a minute before giving it a trial 

Features Of The Premium SSH Cloud Server

✅Fast downloads🔥
✅No disconnections very stable⚖
✅No server overload or account 📈
✅Support online gaming and torrent🔓
✅Config file is valid for 7days
✅It works with both MTN 0.0kb and Mpulse data
The current users for this server is limited to 500users as the server is still in beta mode.


  • Download the Latest version of Http injector from playstore or else, it wll not work(incompatible config)
  • Download Techfashy premium SSH server for MTN 0.0kb and Mpulse Here
  • Subscribe to Mpulse data with *344*2# choose anyone that suits your need.
  • Import the config file and click on start.
If you have questions or obeservations, kindly share it through the comment box.

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  1. Hello Techfashy. Pls is there for Spark Vpb. We didn't get To know about that pls help.

    Also, do you have a what'sapp or telegram group.. I will like to know. Thank